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Tack 50-öringen för allt du gett oss! :)

29 september, 2010



Dirty Harry theme

29 september, 2010

Anime goods

27 september, 2010

Gundam Alarm Clock MS-06S Char’s Zaku

Manufacturer:  Rhythm Clock Industry
Release Date:  mid Nov-2010
Details     When the alarm time comes the mono-eye and background flashes and talks in the pilot;s voices.
Price:   5,000 yen


Haro SEED Voice Alarm Clock

Manufacturer:   Rhythm Clock Industry
Release Date:    mid Nov-2010
Details     Haro’s ears flap up and down with solar battery.
Will wake you up in Haro’s voices when alarm time comes.

Price:      5,000 yen


AmagamiSS – Tsukasa Ayatsuji Mug w/ Lid

Manufacturer:  COSPA
Release Date:  late Nov-2010
Copyright     (C)ENTERBRAIN INC./Amagami SS Production Committee
Size: 9 cm tall x 8 cm diameter
Price:   1,050 yen


ToHeart2 // Compact Mirror Tamaki Kosaka

Manufacturer:   Brocolli
Release Date:   late Nov-2010
Copyright     (C)2004 AQUAPLUS
Size H11.5 x W9.8 x T0.7cm
Body (plastic):
top – clear plastic w/ lame
bottom – pink w/ pearl
Price:      667 yen


Z Gundam Quebeley T-Shirt

Available in S -M- L

Manufacturer:     COSPA
Release Date:     early Nov-2010
Product Line:     Ζ Gundam T-Shirts

Price:     3,045yen

Försäkringskassan (med Ronny & Ragge) 1993

27 september, 2010

Autoblog reviews the 2011 BMW 550i

25 september, 2010