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Jason Mask Replica

11 oktober, 2010

Manufacturer:   Neca
Release Date:  late Nov-10
Original Title:  Friday the 13th
Copyright     (C)& TM 2010 New Line Cinema. All rights reserved.
Size: appx. 25cm
Package: Blister Pack
Details     A resin replica of the classic mask!
Suggested Retail Price:   4,286 yen



6 oktober, 2010

SoniComi – Super Soniko iPhone 4 cover

Manufacturer:     Movic
Release Date:     mid Nov-2010
Original Title     SoniComi
Copyright     (C)Nitoroplus
Specifications:     For iPhone 4
Size 11.8cm x 6cm x 1cm (ink-jet printing)
Material: polycarbonate
Price:     2,100yen


Soft Vinyl Figure Bank Luffy (Coin Bank)

Manufacturer:   PLEX
Release Date:   late Jan-2011
Product Line:  Coin Bank
Original Title:   ONE PIECE
Copyright     (C)Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Fuji television/Toei animation
Material: ATBC-PVC, ABS, etc.
Size: appx. 180mm
Price:   2,380 yen


Neon Genesis Evangelion New Theatrical Version – Mouse Pad

Manufacturer:   Movic
Release Date:   late Dec-2010
Original Title     Neon Genesis Evangelion
Copyright     (C)Khara
Size 148×210mm
Material: Urethene
Details    Initial release June 2009
Price:     840yen


Evangelion New Theatrical Version Wall Scroll

Manufacturer:   Movic
Release Date:   late Dec-2010
Product Line:   Tapestry
Original Title:   Neon Genesis Evangelion
Copyright     (C)Khara
Size: approx. 59 x 42cm
Price:   4,200yen


Laptop Case – Kamen Rider1

Manufacturer:   JoyPallette
Release Date:   late Oct-2010
Original Title:   Kamen Rider
Size: 250 x 330 x 30
Price:   3,000 yen

Anime goods

27 september, 2010

Gundam Alarm Clock MS-06S Char’s Zaku

Manufacturer:  Rhythm Clock Industry
Release Date:  mid Nov-2010
Details     When the alarm time comes the mono-eye and background flashes and talks in the pilot;s voices.
Price:   5,000 yen


Haro SEED Voice Alarm Clock

Manufacturer:   Rhythm Clock Industry
Release Date:    mid Nov-2010
Details     Haro’s ears flap up and down with solar battery.
Will wake you up in Haro’s voices when alarm time comes.

Price:      5,000 yen


AmagamiSS – Tsukasa Ayatsuji Mug w/ Lid

Manufacturer:  COSPA
Release Date:  late Nov-2010
Copyright     (C)ENTERBRAIN INC./Amagami SS Production Committee
Size: 9 cm tall x 8 cm diameter
Price:   1,050 yen


ToHeart2 // Compact Mirror Tamaki Kosaka

Manufacturer:   Brocolli
Release Date:   late Nov-2010
Copyright     (C)2004 AQUAPLUS
Size H11.5 x W9.8 x T0.7cm
Body (plastic):
top – clear plastic w/ lame
bottom – pink w/ pearl
Price:      667 yen


Z Gundam Quebeley T-Shirt

Available in S -M- L

Manufacturer:     COSPA
Release Date:     early Nov-2010
Product Line:     Ζ Gundam T-Shirts

Price:     3,045yen

World’s most expensive car wax

8 september, 2010

£24,000 a pot

Brough & Howarth


7 september, 2010

Pingu case for iphone 4

Manufacturer:  Gourmandise
Release Date:    late Oct-2010
Product Line:   iPhone Character Jacket
Copyright     (C)2010 The Pygos Group
Material: PC (Polycarbonate)
Price:    1,600 yen


Chelsea Dakimakura Cover

Manufacturer: Chara-High
Material: Smooth Knit
Series: Dakimakura Cover
Original: Campanella`s Blessing
Release Date: Late Sep
Price: 9,000 yen  about 106.77 USD


Working! 2011 desktop calendar

Manufacturer: Chara-Ani
Original:  Working!!
Release Date: Early Nov
Price: 1,800 yen  about 21.35 USD


Sekirei – Big Towel

Size: 150 × 100cm

Manufacturer: ACG
Material: Microfiber
Original: Sekirei
Release Date: Mid Oct
Price:  8,800 yen  about 104.4 USD


Serizawa Fumino Big Towel

Size: 140cm × 80cm

Manufacturer: Cospa
Material: Cotton
Original: Mayoi Neko Overrun!
Release Date: Out now
Price:   4,800 yen  about 56.95 USD